30 November 2012

A colourful jumper and a printed skirt

Shoes Charlotte Olympia (from Sample Sale), Dress (seen as Skirt) Alexander McQueen (bought at Discount Outlet Bicester Village), Jumper Pure Collection, Bag from Vietnam and Necklace (gifted) Hayley Kruger.

Sometimes in the depths of winter we need some colour in our lives.
It warms you up just to look at it.
I love winter brights and whites!
Isn't this woven bag amazing. I love them, they are so useful for shopping and travel, it is made from packaging strapping in Vietnam!

28 November 2012

Jeans and a Blazer

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Miu Miu, Jeans J Brand (gifted), Bag vintage, Shirt Equipment (gifted), Blazer Joseph and Glasses Giant Vintage. 

You can't go wrong with a pair of jeans and a blazer. It's a simple failsafe in times of outfit need. 
I love seeing people in winter in white jeans. They have to be thick mind you. Emmanuelle Alt is an expert at it. A printed shirt is a great way to bring something fun to the look and to stop yourself from looking too uniform.

26 November 2012

Fresh Fruit Custard Tarts

Photos by Me

These tarts are so cute to look at and yummy to eat. 
They are very girly and I promise your girlfriends will love them. Although I am yet to meet a man who wont happily tuck in!
They really give you a chance to be a bit creative, so it can be fun to make them with a friend and see how different they end up.
Also this is a recipe for a beginner and a more advanced cook. You can either make the whole thing from scratch or follow my easy cheats - which mean you only really have to cut fruit!

Fresh Fruit and Custart Tarts
  • One Packet of Sweet Shortcrust pastry (or use the Julia Child Recpie or this one)
  • One Pot of Creme Patissiere or Custard if you can't buy it (or you can make it like this)
  • Fruit puree (again you can buy this from good supermarkets or make it in a blender with a mix of the fruits below, make sure to sieve the mix so it is nice and smooth)
  • A selection of fresh Fruit - I have used... Blackberries, Dragn Fruit, Mango, Strawberries, passionFruit, Fig and Physalis fruit
  1. Preheat your oven to 200oC.
  2. Roll out your pastry to fit your tin, keeping it nice and thin. I have used small personal tins but it looks lovely to do one big tart too. 
  3. Blind bake the pastry with baking paper and baking beans for about 25 mins or until golden and cooked through.
  4. Remove the tins and allow them to cool completely in their tins.
  5. Prepare your fillings, either make you Creme Patissiere or open the packet!
  6. Once your pastry is completely cool, smear a nice layer of fruit puree on the bottom. 
  7. Then layer the creme patisserie on the top. Try not to mix the two together.
  8. Then prepare all your fruit, either wash and dry the berries or slice the various fruits. Its nice to have a variation of shapes but similar size on a small tart, on a big one you either want to create a pattern or layer a mountain on top the more the merrier. I think it looks best when you go with themes, so either stick to all one colour fruit or have a complete mix, don't do half way. 
The tarts need eating quite soon after they are made so they are perfect for a tea party, you can make them while you bake your cake!

23 November 2012

A surprise hit.

Boots Siton Venice, Skirt Zara, Pea Coat Hermes, Beret from a Tourist shop in Paris, Striped Top a present from my mother from central France and Bag (gifted) Klear Klutch (seen inside Wallet Louis Vuitton,  Sequin Watermelon Purse vintage).

The day I wore this outfit by chance I saw quite a few of friends, normally my friends don't tend to comment too much on my clothes, they are used to me and I guess they know not to rule out anything when it comes to my closet.
That day was unusual because several of them (I should mention they have incredibly different person style from each other) commented on how much they liked the outfit. It is a really simple look but a classic one, which clearly appealed to all kinds of aesthetics.
So I now know, if your stuck for an outfit, try this one.
It really was a surprise hit.

21 November 2012

New Products for Christmas

Available for Pre-order some new and wonderfully luxurious dresses!

Photos by Pete Navey

I have just added a whole selection of pieces  to my store, that I have been working on for the past few months. 
Please pop over and see what you think. Here!
There is a whole new selection of vintage fabrics for the Smock Tops and a new luxurious winter version of the Smock Dress available for pre-order. 
Please email me to make enquiries...

Happy Christmas Shopping!

19 November 2012

Grey and Purple

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Casadei, Jeans J Brand, Shirt Thomas Pink, Coat Celine, Bag Dries Van Noten for  Joyce (gifted) and Necklace Topshop

This grey cashmere coat was my purchase during PFW this season, and I have worn it ever since. 
I love the luxurious weight of the fabric and the masculine cut. 
Here I thought it would be fun to pair it with some feminine colours, not to mention some fluffy acsents  as a nice contrast. 

16 November 2012

Hermes - Where dreams are made...

Photos by Me

The Hermes Press Day is always a favourite in my calendar. Sadly I have had to miss the last two because of being away. So I was delighted that I was in London for this seasons preview. 
As you can see everything was to die for. 
I loved the focus on colour this season and the extravagant picnic set!
What would your fantasy buy be?  Mine is the yellow crocodile Constance bag.