24 December 2011


I hope you are more organised than I am, but if your not and you are still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve (as I have been) then here are my gifts... all wrapped and ready to inspire your wrapping to continue!

I love the look of a perfectly wrapped gift.  Always will two layers of wrapping, either two colours of tissue or paper and a tissue, a big ribbon or raffia bow and as many trims as possible.
This year I spotted these great berries at covent garden flower market, and bought them as my extra touch. If you need help tying your bows or for more inspiration see my wrapping from last year HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, eat lots and lots and have a really happy day whoever you are spending it with.

x Peony x

21 December 2011

To be a Host

Photos by Pete Navey

Just before I left London for Christmas, I had one more thing to do...
Host a fabulous party for Shanghai Tang.
Oh poor me - please note my extreme sarcasm!
The evening was a winning combination of the best things in life... a little help from my friends, a couple of amazing cocktails, irresistible nibbles, a-whole-lotta fashion and a sprinkle of Asia.
Some of the fabulous people who came along were... Vanessa Jackman, Candice Lake (crazy for the Erdem trousers she wore!), Michelle Bobb-Parris, Amber Atherton, Minnie Harding, Ella Catliff, and Alessandra Ferreira.
I was obsessed with the smoked salmon on potatoes cakes and the passion fruit cosmopolitans that we served in particular. Yummy yummy!
I hope the pictures give you a feel for a really lovely night. If not we can always blame Pete!

Jacket and Dress Shanghai Tang (samples), Tights Falke, and Shoes Christian Louboutin.

16 December 2011

Home Made Hat

Photos Pete Navey
Bring Back the Hat. Part 7.

Some people may have already seen this hat when I wore it during PFW... HERE! 
However not everyone is going to know that this hat was a DIY!
It is incredibly easy to do and the perfect party topper for the festive season. 
All you need is...
  1. a circular hat base
  2. approx. 1-2m string of sequins (depends on the size of the base)
  3. a needle
  4. thread to match the sequins
  5. A plastic hair comb
You can buy all these things from a good haberdashery, but I particularly like the selection at V.V.Rouleaux, and they also sell online... HERE!
Very simply you pin the sequins staring in the middle around and around in a coil until it covers the whole hat and then stitch them down.  Following that, you attach the comb to the inside with a few strong stitches to help you to wear the hat more comfortably.

The holidays are here and at last I am getting a little break, work has been so wonderful this year and I have loved every moment.  I have worked with some amazingly talented people but now a rest feels fully earned.  So please don't hate me if for the next few weeks you hear from me a little less than normal.  

14 December 2011


I love Falafel. 
I think it is the yummiest vegetarian thing you can eat. 
Hot, herby and fried.
This recipe is based on one I found on FoodGawker from a blog called Just a Taste... HERE!
I adapted it, inspired by the wonderful and yet unbeaten Falafel King, based on Portobello Road (amongst other places). 

I used a bit more herbs, as you can tell from the colour of the mix, and I used a mini ice-cream scoop to shape the mix, however a melon baller would work just as well, the key it to make sure they are tightly packed otherwise the air pockets will open in the fryer making a big mess. 
I also made a salad to go in the warm pitta. 
I love the salad they stuff in at Falafel King, so I made my own version... using flat leaf parsley, tomatoes, cucumber with some white balsamic vinegar, nut oil, sugar and lots of salt and pepper. 

This works just as well as a canape with the sauce as a dip.  So make some this festive season!

12 December 2011

A Geek Look

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Thakoon, Skirt Zara, T-shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace from Venice, Bracelet Hermes, (gifted) Clutch Wanderlust + Co, and Blackberry customised by me with some help from Crystal Skins (the design is based on one of my fav T-shirts by Luella).

Ok so this is my moment to admit I cheat sometimes.
I know it's wrong and our parents told us not to, but sometimes I just cant help myself. 
The moment presents itself... and away I go!
So my most recent cheat confessions read as follows...
  1. Pete and me were the DJ's for an event recently, and I really liked the outfit I wore... only I forgot to take a picture, so I have cheated and re-created it here.
  2. Pete and me were working on a studio shoot and the backdrop and lighting was all set up so I just thought this might be a really amazing time to take some different outfit shots with a studio set up, so I cheated and the results are here. 
  3. There will be a few more to follow, so although I have worn these outfits recently I did not shoot them on the day I wore them. I cheated.
There I said it! I cheated, I cheated, I CHEATED!!!

On another note... this is my new fab clutch from WanderLust + Co. Bling Bling.  I love their jewellery they are such a great little find.  All my friends have been trying to steal the great pieces I have from them.  I will post on them soon.  Have a look at their stuff HERE!

I am pretty obsessed with these Thakoon boots too, my mother gave them to me as a present for all my hard work detoxing.  Although I have the impression they are falling into the ManRepeller category since a male recently told me that they make me look short legged and fat.  Whatevs I think they are amazings!!!  I hope you all agree.

9 December 2011

Magic Bow Makes Ears

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat. Part 6

Today I am wearing my new bow ears from Marie Mercié.  I love this hair piece. It looks like a bow close up, but the silhouette is like little ears.  Being a massive fan of any animal-ear themed headwear this piece totally hit the spot.  I had to go to the store in Paris and ask for it, at which point the last one was whipped from a hidden cupboard just for me!
Wear something animal themed this weekend and think of me.

7 December 2011

Austria and a Detox

Outfit 1. Shoes Celtic Sheepskin, Leggings ASOS, Parka Sportmax, Sunglasses Tom Ford and Jumper Bamford.

Outfit 2.  Jumper Bamford, Scarf HK and (gifted) Hat Mickey's Girl.

So as you may know I have been away for a couple of weeks in Austria on a Detox.  I can say hand on heart, I didn't cheat once, and that it was the hardest thing I have done in a while.  Not the food, but keeping your spirits up when you are so focused on your health.  Turns out health is pretty depressing!
Nonetheless I had my fabulous mother to keep me going and a million DIY projects, including knitting a feathered scarf and crystallising my Blackberry! (don't worry posts to come soon!)
The detox clinic was set in the most beautiful location, surrounded by mountains and lakes. The air was so clean, although freezing!

My new glittery hat kept me warm and cheered up.  As you know I love anything resembling a disco ball! It is from this great little online store Mickey's Girl.  They have some really fun and unusual things. I am particularly liking their sequin skirt and sheer blouse at the moment.

I also had to wear my Celtic sheepskin boots every time we went outside because of the cold.  I love celtic, they are a local English company with great credentials and I always think where possible it is better to help a smaller company if the quality is as good or better than a larger one.

So as for my top 10 detox tips they are as follows...

  1. Chew Chew Chew - more than you can imagine, like between 30-50 times.
  2. Put your cutlery down between bites to slow yourself down. 
  3. Stop eating just before you feel full.  Takes some adjustment but works.
  4. Drink as much good water as possible, the better quality the water the better.
  5. Exercise, walk whatever... but keep moving.
  6. Dont eat raw food after 4pm.
  7. Try and eat small and early suppers, as in before 7pm if possible - This one is tricky if you have a life.
  8. Take a tablespoon of cold pressed flax oil a day with your food to make sure you are getting the all important Omega 3 without all that fishy stuff.
  9. Only cook with warm pressed oils, cold or virgin oils are not good for you to fry with.
  10. Live your life, try and keep one of these going but to be honest real life is not a secluded Austrian clinic and you shouldn't kill yourself pretending that it is.