25 July 2011

Digging for Treasure in Redbourn

This was another of my mystery project trips to antiques fairs! - See the other trip HERE! -  I actually indulged myself in a non-work related purchase, which was the clear perspex and chrome french chairs in photo 4. 

22 July 2011

Summer Flowers


I love summer flowers, there is something about them that is just more vavavhooom!
This is my summer flower arrangement, obviously including Peonies and Hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas can be dried and so they are truly a worthy investment, since they last so long.
Have a wonderful weekend and buy flowers, they will cheer you up during the week.

20 July 2011

Just Dripping in Fringe

Shoes Prada, Dress Vintage, Shirt Zara Men, Belt from India and Hat Lock & Co
Photos by Pete Navey

This is my day to night look.  For the evening you simply remove the shirt and hat!
Well actually I wasn't aiming for that when I photographed this outfit, but it now occurs to me that it is the case.   Any how here the Hat and Shirt are both from Men's collections.  I love to shop in the Men's department, now that skinny boys are fit models, the clothes often fit women.  I tend to find that Men's shirts are the best for an oversize cut. 

18 July 2011

Oh Tory!

I have an interview on Tory Burch's Blog at the moment, about my sumer travel plans this year.  Take a look at it HERE!

I have always fancied a pair of Tory Burch leopard ballet pumps
icon, so cute and wearable.  

15 July 2011

Hello Kitty I ♥ your bow

Hello Kitty is cool whatever your age - despite what your mother/boyfriend might say.  Look how many times she can change her outfit.
She is basically the Anna Dello Russo of the animation world, I mean check out their matching fruit head wear!

Image from http://www.annadellorusso.com/

I think she is fun and uplifting. Like bubble gum. 
So Pete gave me some headphones with her on to cheer me up when I travel!

Photos by Vanessa Jackman for Grazia IT

Happy weekending! x

13 July 2011

New Ways Old Ways

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Casadei, Dress Barbara Bui (vintage from my Mother), Shirt Zara, Scarf Alexander McQueen, Belt The Gap, Bracelets Hermes and Santa Croce Workshop Florence.

There are so many ways to use silk scarves.  Although most people think of the Hermes scarf (which I love) there are also other options.  The Alexander McQueen ones are more casual, and youthful, and the Gucci ones have the most wonderful prints.  The key is to choose colour as well as design, because broadly you wont see the whole of the design so the colours are more important.  I most often like to use them to cover bags, make tops, and wear as hats.
Hermes released a whole note book on different examples of how to use their scarves, it is really cute and helpful for ideas if you are unsure.  I have found a few pages to show you below...