13 June 2011

A Touch of Pink

I love a pink cupcake every now and then.  Especially the little ones like these, they are a perfect mouthful.
I use a Primrose Bakery buttercream recipe (although I add less sugar than they say, as I cant take that much sweetness), and I use a Mary Berry cake batter recipe. 


  1. These look so pretty!! Too pretty to eat ;) Lovely blog!
    Hannah xx

  2. Looooove, so lovely .D
    yum yum <3

    STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

  3. I like ONE. But you always have to make a batch and then my hubby only likes one and I'm not keen on feeding the rest to my only willing consumer- my toddler, so they go all stale and then the birds have most of my baking. Or the bin. I wish there was a cupcake donation centre where you could donate the leftovers to willing recipitants.

  4. they look scrummo! and not to mention stunningly pretty in pink. something so charming about lil' cupcakes. xo

  5. Cupcakes always make me happy! :)


  6. These look delicious and oh-so-tasty!
    I use the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book. Has some delicious cakes in it!

  7. Peony, they sooo good! I love the colours! Super well done!!

  8. They were most yummy! I love to make the mini ones and then it is a perfect mouthful. You guys are so right cupcakes are totally a happiness maker!
    @lianne - I have a very greedy boyf so thats not at all a problem for me! hahaa! I think cakes are a luxury, if you make them too much you get sick of them and they dont feel special anymore.
    @Sarah - I love hummingbird too!

  9. Yummy!



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