17 May 2011

Florence Part II.


  1. Hi Peony!
    I've just looked at your last posts.
    My folder on the desktop (that I called "Moda") is full of your pics!
    I think your style is so perfect because you are simple, you don't use kitsch accessories because they are in fashion.
    I can see you choose every single items with attention and chic-ness ;b
    You have definitely surpassed Olivia Palermo!
    If you like you could follow me on Twitter @ Gaia_modhello
    Kisses from Milan,Gaia

  2. nice pics ;D

    Fashion People:Sarah Jessica PARKER http://magmoiselle.fr

  3. beautiful pictures! love to visit some times...♥

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!! Makes me wanna go to Italy again!

  5. Oh doll, I just LOVE these pictures! It's always these tiny little snippets of a foreign land that I love the most.

    Briony xx

  6. This post just blew my mind! Im in love with the beautiful pictures you took in Florence...I really want to go there now!!
    I love the bug brooche and the scarf too!Beautiful!

  7. @modHello - Oh that is soo sweet. I am touched. I am to complimented. Thank you.

    @S - Thanks

    @Sunday - I want more gelato just thinking about it.

    @Meisha.Style - You have to, beyond wonderful.

    @Emmy - Me TOO!

    @LovelyRotten - quite!

    @A Girl, A Style - Oh thanks! Its fun taking them, capturing little details.

    @Juliana - Thank you. I am really glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Stunning photos - I especially like the one of those grooved tomatoes

  9. I LOVE this post it's absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail, the scarf, the pretty bottles vegetables on the market. Simple pleasures taken from a different angle. I discovered your blog last week when my friend forwarded me your Hermes tea party post. I really like how timeless your style is, it's very individual.


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