27 April 2011

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

This is my easter in photos. I am wearing a fisherman's smock that my mother had made for me from vintage fabric we found at an antique fair.  We always have an easter egg hunt in the garden - you are never to old to enjoy the hunt for chocolate -, and I won this year!  The dachshunds are ours, Cedric and Cinderella, the french bull dog is Sala and belongs to my faux god-parents.
I hope you all had a lovely easter too! 


  1. Beautiful pics!! When I was a child, every year, my grandparents gave me 6 beautiful chicks! I loved them...
    And you are always perfect in your simplicity!
    Have you seen my post about you on my blog?
    kisses, gaia

  2. just lovely peony! it's odd seeing such a flowery, spring-time easter when ours are always rainy and wet and cold.. it was fun to rug up in front of a fire though and drink easter egg hot chocolate.


  3. such a lovely and quaint easter! i love all the bright colors, especially that magenta egg. and all the flowers, oh that's the way springtime should be =)

  4. lovely pictures!!! and i am loving your peony wallpaper in the background in photo #4!! I always get an overload on yummy chocolate easter eggs!!

  5. oh such cute lil' things. i am in love with the paws of your doggie!

  6. @ModHello - What a wonderful tradition, you must have amazing grandparents. Thank you so much for the post, I just saw it. I am so flattered and touched. x

    @Hannah-Rose - Yours sounds yummy though! Glad you liked the pictures.

    @Natalie - I know, bright and warm is what spring is all about. The weather really did us a favour this year.

    @Jenny - Too many chocolate eggs means that my mother always makes us a yummy cake, tart or soufflé with the left over chocolate, so I think of them very kindly! Glad you liked the pictures.

    @Francesca C - The dogs are our lives, they are sooo cute. We totally spoil them!

    @Emmy - Thanks! Always a bit nervous about my camera skills.

    @Galatea - I know I couldn't resist the photo, crossed like a person! hahahaa


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