21 March 2011

Cutting Corners

I recently got this dress.  I am in love with it. It is such a fabulous multi-tasker. I wear it as a dress and a coat. It's very fitted but incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Although it isn't really bare-leg-weather yet, I wanted to try and believe it was spring for a little bit. Come on spring... lets start bringing the summer home.  London's weather is just not cutting it right now. I don't want to wear tights anymore! So this monday is a warm weather post to brighten your day. - I hope. 

Dress by Celine, Shoes by Pedder Red, Bag by Lanvin for H&M (with added corsage also H&M).

Its the opening at the back of the dress/trench wonderful.

Also I have DIY half-moon nails too!


  1. love the dress and bright colored clutch with it! Your style is refreshing. So many bloggers dressing like they're homeless nowadays..

  2. The dress is so amazing, I love the back of it!

  3. OMG, what a lovely dress!

    May I ask how tall you are? Being 157 cm, I don't think I can rock this dress like you do, since you seem much taller than I am.


  4. Love it too! Would definitly weat it as a coat!

  5. I ♥ the dress.

    I am obsessed, always have been, with the Safari look. I blame my parents as I was born in Kenya. Anyhoo this is just gorgeous!

  6. @ Anon 1. - Thanks so much I hope I offer something a little different to other bloggers.

    @ Emily - I love the dress, it is so sexy and fitted but sophisticated at the same time. Such a classic piece.

    @Anon 2. - I am about 171cm without shoes. The trick to wearing clothes on a smaller frame is not to alter just the bottom seam, to keep the proportions of the garment, take it up at the waist seam as well etc, that way you will look perfectly in proportion... think Kylie and Salma Hayek... size is no object in fashion, you just have to keep the proportions right.

    @eunicebee - It looks fab as a coat, I will do an outfit post with it as a coat to show you!

    @Old Cow - Thank you. I love the safari look too.



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