14 March 2011

And the kitchen sink

I often wear clothes as different things and not as they were originally intended.  It is something friends and family speculate over - 'but... what was it meant to be?'

I recently bought a knitted Zara maxi dress - as seen below, probably still available in stores and online - which is a really good example of how to get as many outfits out of one item as possible. 

Outfit 1. 

Wear it as the designer intended... here that means a maxi dress.
I have changed the silhouette a bit by adding a waisted belt to give a separation between my upper and lower body.

Here it is worn with Prada boots, Hermes belt, Vintage clutch and a Zara gilet. 

Outfit 2. 

Make knit work for you.  Often cardigans, skirts and dresses can be worn as scarves and snoods. Here I have shown it as a snood, but you could also wear it as a normal scarf. The trick is to choose quite open or textured knit.

Here it is worn with Miu Miu shoes, Zara peg leg trousers, Joseph suede jacket, Zara peter pan shirt and hermes scarf - around head

Outfit 3. 

Restructure clothes with belts and pins.  Often you can totally change a skirt or dress by pinning them up inside themselves.  Here I have made a cape with the dress, by folding it inside out and wrapping a belt around the neck to gather the extra fabric and make a ruffled neck. 

Here it is worn with Acne boots, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, Zara leather jacket and ASOS belt.

I hope this inspires you to see your old clothes in a new light, and to shop wisely, it is like a 3 for 1 deal! 


  1. love the paisley trousers!


  2. The paisly trousers are lovely. I like the 2nd and 3rd outfit best.


  3. The guy in the green cab behind you in picture three is having more fun watching you being shot than going to work...ha ha.

    Great variations here with this one garment. Thinking outside the box. Innovative indeed.

  4. Very clever interpretations and genius styling.

  5. wow! would never have guessed it was a dress in that last variation..


  6. @Reem Kanj - Thanks! Lovely to see a familiar name in the comments!

    @Hannah May - Me too! Such fun, and I dont really like pattern much.

    @Benedetta - Glad you like the development better than the original! The whole point is for it to look like it is meant to be a snood or cape not just pretending!

    @the nyanzi report - Thanks. I love to try new things. I think the people who live/work on the streets I regularly use for photos must think I am so odd taking all these pictures of myself! Very Funny.

    @Kit - Thanks!

    @*sunday* - Thanks, hope you give something similar a go, it makes you feel like you have a private joke, happy clothes!

    @CJSUPERB - Thanks Babe!

    @Rick - Thanks... I try my best!


  7. Really loved that style with the belt around the neck, gives a bit of kinky touch to it...


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