17 February 2011

DIY Spike

This may in fact be my greatest DIY effort to date.  
I just love these shoes.  
With a little help - meaning muscles - from Mr Peter Navey, I was able to create my own pair of spiked Christian Louboutin inspired peep-toes! 

I bought the grey suede peep-toes completely plain at TK MAXX and I had already got the studs from eBay.
So I - pete - just attached the spikes by laying them out on the shoes how I wanted them, then marked the shoes with pen where the holes for the studs and spikes needed to be made, and then punched holes through and added the spikes and studs.

Hope you like them as much as I do!!! 
Oh and big shout out to Miss  A-Pair-and-a-Spare who totally rejuvenated my DIY desires with her fantastic blog... please have a lookie HERE! 


  1. Those are so cute! I'm totally going to try this :)

  2. Looks great!! what kinda tool did you use to punch holes on the shoes?

  3. wow you did such an amazing job, you can't even tell it's handmade! you have a great blog here, i just started following it! would love if you checked out mine as well :)
    Fashion Bag 411

  4. SO SMART!!

    Great work, I'm going to try this - thnx!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. fab diy. I posted/linked to you :) ...just fyi.

  6. Great job, great idea! I hope to be spotting these at LFW!


  7. These are amazing!!! I, too love DIYs, and enjoy doing them. Loving your blog by the way. Stumbled upon it through another blog.


  8. Now wear them tomorrow and I'll photograph them + post them. All you risk is getting a cold ;) - ze guy from holland.

  9. @strawberypocky - We used a bradawl to make the holes, with a bit of wood under the shoe so we didnt go through to the sole.

    @Liana - Thanks for following I will take a look too!

    @A.Co and @Kristen - Let me know how you get on with it, I would love to see pictures!

    @...love Maegan - THANKS! Thats so sweet cant wait to take a look!

    @The Man from Amsterdam and @Sarah-Leigh - I will wear them, not tomorrow but I will maybe monday... or tuesday, I am ever hopeful for better weather! Come say hi if you see me.

    @modanista junkie - Let me know which blog, I love to know links so I can thank them. Hope you like my LFW outfits.

  10. Good grief! These shoes are astonishingly wondeful.


    Ooh I am a woman on a mission - these are FABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  12. amazing work! love love love these! (they'll be featured in my monday link love tomorrow...)

    xx grace

  13. Found this through a pair and a spare--they look amazing! Do the backs of the studs hurt your feet?


  14. Those look really amazing! One question, though, does the underside of the spikes bother the tops of your feet, or did you pad it somehow? I've been wanting to spike a pair of my heels for awhile, but I'm worried that it would make the shoes too uncomfortable.

  15. yours are way better than Christian Louboutins!

  16. They look AMAZING and way better than the louboutins! These are so much more wearable and just stunning! xx

  17. These are awesome, you did such a good job! Can't wait to try this myself!!!

  18. Thanks for all the wonderful love for these shoes, I am going to wear them tomorrow to LFW!
    In terms of the studs coming through the inside, just make sure you bend them all the way back inside themselves so no sharp pieces of metal are touching your skin. Also you can buy this scholl sticky fabric that you put on the inside of your shoes where they rub, it comes in sheets so you could just cover the whole inside where the studs have gone through, or if you cant find that just use strong blister plasters to the shoe not your foot.

    I am so sorry... I was publishing comments from my iphone and my finger slipped and I deleted a few by mistake... if your comment was deleted I AM SO SORRY! The comment below is one of the ones I found that I had been deleted...

    I love those shoes! To be honest, I would have never thought of something like that! Great idea! I might have to try this myself! :)

  19. Job well done on the shoes their amazing, you should make me some ;)...x


  20. Gorgeous! I love them! I found your blog via Vanessa Jackman and am really enjoying it.


  21. Oh my gosh I actually had a similar idea today with these Louboutin shoes:


    And I bought the studs on ebay an hour or so ago!!
    Great minds think alike :)

    xx S

  22. @Hair Romance - Thanks!

    @Promise - Thats what all my friends keep saying, I think they need to butter up my Boyf not me! I just do the decorative bit, he is the muscle power!

    @Nomadic D - Thanks I hope you continue to. I love Vanessa's work, she is so talented!

    @Le Fanciulle - Do it!!! Let me know and send me some pics!!! Cant wait to see how you get on.


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