19 January 2011

How to make your very own leopard

I am a huge fan of fun nails... although only in the kitsch/chic way - not the air-brush glitter glue way.  
So here is one of my favourite DIY nail tricks...

Leopard alla WAH nail salon.

Step. 1. Always use a good base coat.  I like Essie Protein Base Coat. It stops your nails colouring from polish and it makes the nail varnish last longer chip free.

Step 2. Paint your nails with a the first colour.  For leopard you need to choose three colours. I like to pick colours within a theme... for example here I have done snow leopard. 

Step 3. Now you need to spot on your second colour... I like to do three or four blobs per nail of different sizes - depending on the size of your nail.  It sounds odd but it can be quite thick - like you can see below - and you need to make sure you leave gaps, do not cover the whole nail in blobs, as the third colour needs room too! 

Step 4. Then you need to give your nails a little time to dry before the next stag, not forever just so they aren't wet wet - sticky is fine.

Step 5. Take your third colour and literally wrap the other blobs in uneven lines, do not try to be neat, this is a free hand situation, just go with it, a little bit of shaky hand can actually help the result. If you don't think your going to be able to go for it with a standard brush you can always buy a nail pen which makes the whole process much easier, its like doodling. They are available in most beauty shops now, or in London try Sally Beauty and Accessorize.  You can also do some just plain bobs in the third colour.

Step 6. As you can see the nails are quite lumpy at this stage, don't worry at all thats fine and to be expected. Just use a good topcoat and it will fill out and flatten perfectly.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seche Vite, it really is fabulously good. I like to double topcoat.  I think you get a longer lasting better looking result.

The same process can be applied to any kind of combination you like.  The addition of 'special' nail varnishes can make very exciting results.
See my gold leafie type below... in stages and everything! 

Good Luck decorating kids! x


  1. my hands shake when i try to do something like that!


  2. i love the snow leopard version of this...im going to try it and post pics...watch out for them....and yeah your hair is bang tidy! i have extensions though...but i have an awesome hairdresser so i dont have 'traction alopecia!!!!' like britney hahaha

  3. @Sunday - You definitely could do it! trust me!

    @Miss Daisy - Glad your gonna give it a go, cant wait to see the results, send me a link! Happy you have a responsible hairdresser who is taking care of your hair.

  4. I tried to do the leopard nails but failed. It was going fine untill I started to put on the last bit and my nail varnish ruined it. What nail varnish did you use?

  5. the snow leopard nails turned out nicely. I really want to get the incandescent flakes and make mermaid theme nails! :D



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