30 December 2010

I Need HELP!!!

OK so I am an idiot for many reasons, but here is another... I love this picture - and more importantly this dress - and I cant remember where I found the picture.
Thus I need some help... 
Does anyone know where this dress is from? 
Or where I can get a dress like this???
I will think of some lovely reward if you can help...

29 December 2010

The Little Red Shoes

Doesn't every girl dream of a pair of red slippers that will take her home...?
Well here are mine. 
They are made of vintage tapestry pieces that my mother found at an antique market and had made into house slippers for me as a christmas present.

27 December 2010

My Mother will always do it better than me!

My mother has a touch with homes and gardens I dont know if I will ever have.  Here is a little corner to show you what I mean. 

I hope you all had wonderful christmas'.  I know I did. 
I will be posting some of my most fab presents soon!

20 December 2010

❅ My Christmas Decorations ❅

So here is a little festive look at my Christmas Decorations.  Sorry the table is only half laid, but you cant be perfect all the time... Well in my case most of the time! 
My house is very modern so we have a white tree... just for fun, at my parents we always have real trees, and I must admit I am torn, I love the smell and look of real trees, but hate clearing up the needles and lugging the tree home from the florist.  Luckily in the country you drive it home so it is win win. 
Let me know about your christmas decorations... what do you like modern or traditional?
Oh and Merry Christmas !!!

17 December 2010

My Favorite Photographer

When I see good editorial, I think wow I wanna be that girl... actually more than that... I WANT those clothes, and take me to that fairy land right now.  
Well no one does fairyland photography quite like Mr Tim Walker.
I just LOVE his work.  I think he is a genius.
I went to his exhibition at the design museum in London a couple of years ago and they had all the props from his most famous shoots... like the massive glove! 
It was fabulous... 
So I thought I would share some my favourite photographs with you.

When I was at the exhibition I really wanted to buy his beautiful book, its huge and glossy and just inspires that child like - 'I WANT IT!!!!' - however as with all things book-like and wonderful it was terribly expensive and I just couldn't justify it. 
However I am lucky enough to have fabulous friends... and my next birthday the wonderful Row - of PRP - gave it to me!!!
I say I have wonderful friends - as in plural - because another wonderful and life long friend of mine, Toma, recently managed to have the book signed... she was working with Mr Tim Walker at a telephones length and managed to get the book to him to sign!!!
So you see me and Mr Walker have been bound by his lovely book and my amazing friends. 

16 December 2010

Santa Baby...

Slip a Sable under the tree for me... been an awful good girl!
Well something like that. 
Making a christmas list for Father christmas is something I haven't done for a good while, but if I were to make one this year it would include...

1. Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots
Like these shot by Garance but in black suede with black leather straps.

2. A Lock & Co Dick Tracey hat in Leopard.
3. A BCBG Max Azria embellished Belt.

4. An endless supply of Pierre Herme Macaroons!
I love the White Alba Truffle and the Vanilla and Olive Oil flavours. 

5. A Hermes Constance Bag...
In Black Croc with a gold H!!! yummmmyyyyyy Shot here by Tommy Ton.

6. And finally everything and anything by Alaia!!! 

15 December 2010

Wrapping up Christmas

I love Christmas... it is such a beautiful and happy time of year.  Although I love presents - who doesn't? - I  love the decorations and food even more.  What would christmas be with out turkey, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, crispy potatoes, cranberry and white chocolate cookies, christmas cake, brandy butter and all the cheese one can eat!
My mother does christmas better than any other person I have ever met! She truly is gifted in terms of aesthetics and design.  I learnt all I know from her, and I hope she can teach me so much more. 

This is the first year I have really 'done' christmas at all in the city. So I wanted to share a couple of wrapping tips...

Tip 1. Change it up every year.
I think it is important that you make the present look as exciting wrapped as it is inside, after all you will have to look at it under the tree for a while. I like to pick a theme... for example in the past I have done brown paper and gold ribbon, red and white, silver and gold, and other combinations.  

Tip 2. I wrap all my presents with the same paper etc, that way they can easily be seen as 'my presents' when the person unwraps it. 

Tip 3. Always double wrap your presents with tissue then paper... that way the anticipation is hightened, and the present looks ever more beautiful.

Tip 4. Use raffia.  It is inexpensive verses ribbon and looks beautiful, pick matching or opposite colours so the textures look wonderful too. And do not skimp!!!! Make sure you use lots, and it can also be used in combination with ribbon to make both go further.

Tip 5. learn to tie a proper bow.  Please see this clip...
You can also do this when the ribbon is already attached to a present!  It just makes a much better bow than the regular method... trust me. 

Tip 6. Add an Accessory... a charm, or flower - fake or real - can really lift a present to the next level!

Tip 7. Buy card Luggage tags from a stationer, and use them as labels, they look simple and chic and are much cheaper. 

So here are some pictures of my presents this year... hope you like them!

14 December 2010

A preview with more to come...

Here is a little sneak peak of my shoes, shot by Michelle last friday... She has taken more but here is just a sample of what is to come...

Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Socks by ASOS and Trousers from the faithful Far East Plaza Singapore.

Check out her lovely bloggie HERE ! 

10 December 2010

Just another Friday...

So excited! Today I am having a catch up with the wonderful Michelle of whoisbobbparris.  Stay posted for some new pictures...
But in the meantime here is a selection of the pictures Michelle took of me last LFW.

Doesn't Row look stunning!

Oh and here is one of her taking them!!!

Picture from nyanzi.

Wasn't her outfit sooo cute?! Michelle is so well dressed.  The BF Pete took this fab picture. 

9 December 2010

I ♥ Iggy's

Recently I went on holiday to a lifelong stomping ground... Singapore!  I love it there, the weather is yummy, the food is yummy and the shopping is delicious.
So when I was on the airplane on the way out, and I stumbled across an article in the airplane magazine - dont judge everyone gets that bored on a 14hr flight - about a new restaurant I was delighted...
So we went to try Iggy's...

The article.

I am allergic to shellfish so they kindly made alterations to the menu giving me different dishes for those courses.  Which was absolutely awesome of them, and it meant that I got Wagyu Beef capriccio with truffle cream, parmesan and rocket! It was the most perfect mouthful I have ever eaten.  I really cant express quite how amazing it was.  All I can offer is a series of rubbish iPhone pictures - no flashes allowed, plus even I dont have the nerve to bust out a huge Canon in that kind of establishment - I'm so sorry people these pictures are shameful... but they were the best I could do.

The Menu.

Fabulous walk to dining room was down this corridor... I want these light fittings.  They are yummy like the food!

The perfect Wagyu Beef Carpaccio.

Iggy's Salad

Alba White Truffles - YUM!

The stunning White choc mousse and beetroot pudding.
Is that the prettiest thing you can eat ever?

Second pudding, because one is never enough - OBVI!

Treats with Tea and Coffee
You get to pick your own from a lovely wooden box.

My lovely Friend Toma and her adult choc lollipop.

My individual Tea set. Love it.

Also I just wanted to give a shout out to a new friend I met that night... Mentalia... you are so special.