10 December 2010

Just another Friday...

So excited! Today I am having a catch up with the wonderful Michelle of whoisbobbparris.  Stay posted for some new pictures...
But in the meantime here is a selection of the pictures Michelle took of me last LFW.

Doesn't Row look stunning!

Oh and here is one of her taking them!!!

Picture from nyanzi.

Wasn't her outfit sooo cute?! Michelle is so well dressed.  The BF Pete took this fab picture. 


  1. Ooh! I would've loved to catch up with her too! She is so lovely.. David from Nyanzi Report introduced us at LFW but I doubt she would remember who I am. Have fun girls and take some picutres!:)

  2. You're beautiful!
    stunning photos.

  3. Hi Peony, I don't know if we met @ LFW - I was so busy blogging with Shini for Next (do you know Shini?) but I think we're now following each other on twitter. I happened to run into Michelle on the street as she was on her way to meet you yesterday - so maybe you live near me. In any case I love your blog & since you just started it, I"m adding it to my roll under 'baby blogs'.

    Row is indeed stunning - you both are. I can't get over how different she looks on different days. That addition of red lipstick transforms the balance on her face, and yet she's beautiful in both. I love how you look in that shot, too: that sheer feminine shirt, with that necklace and those jeans = perfect balance. (I'm really into balance @ the moment ; )

    Hope to meet - and shoot - you sometime soon. (I'm @polkadot23 btw).

    jill @ www.polkadot.tv x

  4. p.s. Oops: I got it all wrong. YOU're the one in twice the shots - it's ROW borrowing your clothes. Well what can I say: you're both beautiful and I really want to shoot you. Please get in touch somehow! xx

  5. wow. you got your own home now.
    can't wait for what michelle and you got in store for us.
    i'll be visiting more often now that i've found your blog.

    p.s. i love the shoes that you got on michelle's blog today with the mesh socks. brilliant touch!

  6. @ Polka Dot - Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I am away till after christmas now but you can contact me via email at lim.peony@gmail.com and I can put you in touch with Row. I'm afriad I dont think either of us know Shini, but I think I do have you on twitter. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, thats very sweet of you. I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year! Merry Christmas! x

    @ nyanzi - Thanks glad you like Michelle's shot!

  7. HEEEY Peony!!!
    u'r so beautiful!
    can you tell me, please, where did you get those glasses with clear lenses?
    thanks for any answers!!


  8. @Vilte -They are from Venice I am afraid.

  9. She's beautiful. I love the way both of you dress.



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