30 November 2010

THE Cheese Night

I love to cook, and I love to feed my loved ones.  So inevitably I have a lot of supper parties.
One though has stood out in the memories of all that were present. It is now know as THE Cheese Night!
This is because - due to some kind of oversight - I managed to serve a 4 course supper, with each course incorporating cheese in some way. I love cheese but even for me that was very extreme.  
The Menu read...
Nachos with Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream

Caramelised Garlic and Goats Cheese Tart with a Green Salad

Cheese and Biscuits

Caramel and Macadamia Nut Baked Cheese Cake

The thing was all that cheese had a rather interesting physical affect... as you can imagine. 
One particular male friend did not do well from it, after going slight mental in a onepiece - see below - he went home to dream about shooting a policeman at point blank range in the face! DARK TIMES!

Anyway on a more uplifting note, the bestest food in the world comes from the Ottelenghi cook book, both books are fab and I highly recommend that you go out and purchase them, if you are lucky enough to be near one of their shops you can get a signed copy! Woop Woop!
Many people are all down on the books, 'too hard' 'to complicated' 'cant do it' and all that stuff, but this is not the case I promise! Their recipes are almost failsafe and much of the cooking is preparation, the actual cooking bit tends to be a leave it in the oven job, so we can all go watch X-factor these cold winter nights.  

by Peony Lim


  1. omg! it's 3am, L.A. time. read your post...saw the pictures...BIG mistake...now i'm sooo hungry...craving for some cheese...ugggh!

  2. btw...dear peony, next time you come to L.A., YOU are sooo coming over to cook for us. we'd love to have you over. LOL. xoxo


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